Vũ Đức Sỹ - Nhà sáng lập Diligo Holdings

The Founder Diligo Holdings

Mr. Henry Vu

FATE COME FROM THE FOUNDER: Originating from gratitude and love for the people, the country has trusted and given him trust and love, bought the products he and his staff have spread, and donated samples when they first came out. school to work for foreign corporations. A brush product is always advertised as number 1, but the truth is that when brushing it has lost hair and broken handle. He realized he had done something bad and was in debt to his people because he and his staff lied to them. I owe a word! Since this debt from fresh out of college has bitten my conscience, I need to make up for the trust my people have given me by needing to create the number 1 quality product as I said I owe it. people!
TRUTH NO. 1: When he worked as a marketer in rural areas and rural markets since the 2000s, he saw too many poor and miserable people living in diseases, drinking, beer, eating meat, smoking pipes, Smoking and the habit of insulting the teeth of the Vietnamese people, leading to more than 90% of Vietnamese people suffer from tooth and gum diseases and affect their nerves in old age!
TRUTH NO. 2: Derived from fervent love of compatriots. He realized that his country was at peace, but the economy was in great difficulty, a poor country was a weak and cowardly country. He loves his people and decided to dream of building an environment named D&G Vietnam with the motto: “Dreams and actions” With the symbol of a 5-petal flower, with the wish that you are in sync, resonant, connecting and building the dream of reaching out to 5 continents like President Ho Chi Minh’s wish, “Can the mountains of Vietnam compete with the great powers, 5 continents or not, it is thanks to the merits of your studies.” Every day, he diligently and diligently recruited each employee to train, guide, direct and mentor!
TRUTH #3: He wishes to take all of his staff members around the 5 continents and four seas as he has experienced, to expand his global vision.


Diligo Company was established on May 19, 2006 to coincide with the birthday of the beloved President Ho Chi Minh! At first, the name was D&G Vietnam. The motto is “Dream it & Get it” Dreams and actions
Head office: 2nd Floor, Building N03T5, Diplomatic Corps Area, Xuan Tao Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi.
VP2: No. 25, Green View Building, 25 Nguyen Luong Bang, Tan Phu Ward, District 7. City. HCM.
Thuan Thanh II Industrial Park, Ho Town, Thuan Thanh, Bac Ninh.
Office staff nationwide: About 100 employees.
Manifest sales team: 580 SERVICE PROFESSIONAL
Specialized distributor: 99 DISTRIBUTOR
Selling point: 30,000 points
Supermarkets: 6,000 supermarkets and convenience stores
Number of workers working in the plan: 500 people.
Total about 1,200 employees.