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Among Niva’s masks, the N95 mask is a special mask with the ability to resist fine dust, filter bacteria and export standards that are loved by many people.
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The most convenient N95 Niva mask with the current name is the Niva 95 mask with 4 layers of protection, preventing 99.99% of bacteria. N95 Niva face masks are specially designed with valves and without valves, trusted by doctors. This mask is exported to the US under the brand name Dr.Sy. This type of mask has passed the US Niosh N95 test standard, the FDA standard for export to the world market.
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Up to now, masks of the NIVA brand are superior in quality and have been rigorously tested with full standards compared to other masks in Vietnam. The difference of the N95 mask line is that it not only reaches 99.48% of the antibacterial standard (5% higher than the highest US 95% virus filtration standard) but also has an outstanding design with a dust filter role. smooth peak.

Let’s take a look at the “hard to refuse” features of this mask line:
+ Soft and breathable non-woven fabric
+ Bacterial filter layer prevents up to 99.9% of bacteria
+ Non-woven cotton layer enhances the filter of bacteria and dust
+ Add a layer of soft non-woven fabric that is gentle on the face

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It can be said that the most boring mask is not fitting, tight. The second boredom is suffocating difficulty breathing. Boring three is not antibacterial or filter fine dust. If you are worried about those problems, you should choose Niva masks for export to fastidious markets such as the US and Europe that have fully met CE, FDA, … but not all brands can achieve them.
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The intelligent construction gives the mask the ability to block more than 99.98% of viruses, with a filter efficiency of more than 98% PFE and more than 99% BFE. The 4D design hugs all facial contours, blocking all attack lines of bacteria and harmful gases. Besides, the 4-layer filter of the mask also helps protect you from fine dust and sophisticated viruses. The mask is discreetly covered, but the mask does not cause discomfort to the user thanks to the breathable cotton padding that increases the softness of the mask, and the air conditioning makes it easy to breathe.
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From now on, rest assured whenever you go to the street or move on all roads because Niva masks will keep you safe but still comfortable and stylish. In addition, Niva has many other quality masks that you can actively choose to use. Order quickly via hotline: 0948.18.28.38 now!

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